Janice Tayler

Abstract Landscape Paintings


Art Statement

My mixed media compositions are made of oil paint, newspaper and sand. They refer directly to urban decay and the environment. I maintain that only through abstraction can the viewer tap into their unconscious and access the sublime in their imagination.

In the past I created a body of work concentrating on contrasting textures such as cardboard, plastic, cigarette butts, twine, earth, sand nail clippings, pieces of bark and twigs. In my present body of work I use images from photographs and drawings of the devastation of the urban landscape from natural and manmade disasters, architectural skeletal structures such as unfinished construction or demolished sites, partly finished bridges, abandoned and decaying industrial sites. These images I juxtapose with images of organic, abstracted rocks, roots, trees and water.

I loosely base my compositions on that of classical landscape painting with the positioning of forms carefully placed to present a harmonious, balanced and timeless visual aesthetic. In my palette choices I explore color combinations that are unexpected in contrast with those found in nature.

I maintain that by portraying landscape in a representational state, we are removing ourselves from it and merely idealizing it. Therefore, by engaging and challenging the viewer through the distortion of landscape painting, the viewer can reach a state of the sublime.

These abstract landscapes embody both serenity and instability, resulting in a dreamlike tension from which subjective narratives can be born. I create pieces that consciously allow for open interpretation and multiple perspectives. They reflect a search for meaning in unfamiliar landscapes.

Janice Tayler – www.janicetayler.com


2017 Blueprints For A Splintered Sun, Morso Gallery, Gig Harbor, WA
2013 New Works, Gallery Lacosse, Winnipeg, MB
2012 Articulated Fragments, Warehouse Artworks, Winnipeg, MB
2012 Diving Through The Wreck, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2007 Pink Pools Off the Deep End, Zilberschmuck Art, Toronto, ON
2005 Galerie Luz, Montreal, QC
2004 Gestures of Fragmental Shifting, Zeke’s Gallery, Montreal, QC


2018 Visual Impressions, Ryan James Gallery, Kirkland, WA

2017 Prince Street Gallery, New York City, NY
2016 Women Painters of Washington, Seattle, WA
2015 Group Show, Seattle Design Center, Seattle, WA
2014 EAFA Gallery, Seattle Design Center, Seatte, WA
2014 Harmony, Women Painters of Washington Gallery, Seattle, WA
2014 Streetwise, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR
2014 Bemis Spring Art Exhibit, Seattle, WA
2013 A L O N E together, Outside the Lines Group Show, Mulberry Café, Hamilton, ON
2012 A L O N E together, Outside the Lines Group, Triangle Gallery, Toronto, ON
2012 Transitions, Bartlett Gallery, Alton, ON
2011 Color or Not?, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
2007 Atelier Ouvert, Studio St. Remi, Montreal, QC
2006 Group Painting Show, Galerie Luz, Montreal, QC
2005 Crossing Borders Exhibit, Kenan Center, Lockport, NY
2004 Ce que la pelle a trouve, Galerie Les Nouveaux Barbares, Montreal, QC
2004 Mis en regard, Galerie d’art Laliberte, Montreal, QC
2004 Concordia University Alumni, Concordia University, Montreal, QC
2004 & 05 99 Artists, Observatoire 4, Montreal, QC
2003 The Selby Group – Drawings, Vivianne Phillips Gallery, Montreal, QC

Art Fairs

2019  La Quinta Art Festival, La Quinta, CA

2017 Local 14 Art Exhibit, Portland, OR
2013-17 Gig Harbor Art Festival, Gig Harbor, WA
2016 Edmonds Art Festival, Edmonds, WA
2015 Bellevue Art Festival, Bellevue, WA
2014 The Best of the Northwest, Seattle, WA
2014 Buckman Art & Show Exhibit, Portland, OR
2014 Salem Art Festival, Salem, OR
2014 Bemis Annual Art Exhibtiion, Seattle, WA
2013 LOCAL 14 Art Exhibit, Portland, Oregon
2005-13 The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, Toronto, ON
2009-12 The Artist Project, Toronto, ON
2010 Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, ON
2010 Gracie Art Exhibit, New York, NY
2010 Armonk Art Festival, Armonk, NY
2005 The Ottawa Arts Festival, Ottawa, ON

Currently Represented By
Women Painters of Washington, WA, Warehouse Artworks, Lacosse Gallery, Wayne Arthur Gallery, Wpg, MB

Awards and Honours

2015 3rd place Daniel Smith award in juried group painting show, Seattle, WA
2009 Travel Scholarship, The Artists Project, Toronto, ON
2004 Honourable Mention, Concordia University alumni show, Montreal, QC
2001 Millenium Scholarship Fund, Concordia University, Montreal, QC


Corporate and Private Collections, Canada, Europe and the USA


2000-2004 Bachelor of Fine Arts, With Distinction, Major in Painting and Drawing,
Concordia University, Montreal, QC
1987-1990 Bachelor of Arts, Honours, Major in Theatre and Dance, University
of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB

Teaching, Lectures and Workshops

2005-date Teacher of painting, drawing and mixed media workshops, USA, Canada
2008&09 Slide Presentations; my work as a painter; History of Modern Art;
History of Modern Dance, McGill University, Montreal, QC
2007 Slide Presentation and painting demonstration, Don Valley Art School, Toronto, ON